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ASC Technical Institute is the place to go for career training in the trades. Since 1986, we’ve been serving students in the El Paso area, helping them secure better futures for themselves through quality career education and a supportive school environment. We understand that you can’t learn everything from a book, especially when it comes to careers in the trades, which is why we prioritize hands-on experience and practical skills that get you from the classroom to the job site. Our newly upgraded campus facilities encompass all of the technology, tools, and equipment you need to train for successful work out in the field. 

In-Demand Skills for In-Demand Careers

Heavy Equipment Operator Programs

Learn how to maneuver, control, and help maintain the heavy machinery and equipment used in the construction of roads, bridges, buildings, and more.

Population growth and rising infrastructure spending are expected to contribute to steadily growing employment in this industry, and our Heavy Equipment Operator Programs are designed to get you ready to take advantage of this high-demand career field.

We utilize top-tier equipment like Caterpillar, Deere, and Volvo, so you know you’re learning the best of the best. And all of these programs include a unique focus on “seat time” — meaning that all your lab hours are conducted in the operator’s seat of the types of equipment you’ll use on the job.

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CDL Training

Truck Driving CDL Program

Get the hands-on training you need to be able to earn your CDL license and safely operate as a commercial truck driver, either for a company or as an independent contractor.

The trucking industry is what keeps our economy going, and you can be a vital part of it. You’ll learn how to drive, maneuver, and maintain trucks and trailers in a wide variety of conditions in order to transport vital goods from city to city across the country or within a localized area as a last-mile driver.

During this 8-week course, we prioritize getting you hands-on experience in the driver’s seat, so that when it’s time for you to hit the road, you can do so with confidence and safety.

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Our El Paso Campus

Located adjacent to the El Paso Airport and across the street from the main gate of Forth Bliss, ASC Technical Institute’s campus has been a fixture in the community for decades. Newly upgraded in 2022, our campus facilities consist of 6,200 square feet with modern, newly refurbished classrooms, labs, and lounge facilities for both faculty and students, as well as convenient parking and accessibility accommodations for those with disabilities.

6401 Convair Rd.
El Paso, TX 79925