Train for a brand-new career in the trades 

Our Admissions and Career Services department can provide known job openings in the field to students upon completion of the course. The school maintains an active list of known vacancies and assists students in obtaining an interview with employing personnel. While the school will provide assistance, it can make no promises for placement of employment. Lifetime job search assistance is available to successful ASC Technical graduates.

Career Services

Resume Writing

Provide a professionally formatted document to share with employers.

Interview Skills

Help you put your best foot forward in person.


We will walk you through your options, and advise.

Set Up Interviews

We set you up with the best opportunities.

Congratulations to our graduate Dorothy who immigrated to the United States from South Africa and after attending ASC Technical Institute has a career at Mesilla Valley Trucking (MVT).  Congrats to Dorothy for living her American Dream!