Heavy Equipment Operator Programs

Start a new career in the Construction Industry

Hands-on training + Modern equipment = Superior job skills

If you want to learn real-world experience with real-world professionals in the heavy equipment industry, then this is the program for you.  Our dedicated instructors bring valuable real-world experience and hands-on training with top-tier equipment (like Caterpillar, Deere and Volvo) on our training site so that students gain the skills necessary for a new career in the construction industry.

Hands-On Training

If you want a school that focuses on real-world skills taught in a real-world setting, this school is for you.  With 80 hours of actual seat time on your primary piece of equipment and an additional 50 hours on your secondary piece of equipment, you will work on projects that focus on increasing your employability skills.

Job-Ready Skills

Students spend “seat time” on heavy equipment learning a variety of real-world skills such as site plans/layout, underground utilities, septic and lateral lines, foundations, trenches, pools, and cemetery plots. 

Focused Curriculum with Seat Time

Some schools give students general concepts on multiple pieces of equipment, and with a lot of classroom time.  Not ASC Technical Institute.  Because this school was founded by successful contractors who know the construction industry, we believe our training system is superior to others because we focus on actual seat-time on the three most commonly used pieces of equipment in the real-world:  excavators, backhoes and bulldozers.  The specialty piece of equipment you choose will be yours throughout your training, and you will learn real-world, practical projects throughout your lab time, otherwise known as “seat time.” Your primary specialization will give you 80 hours of seat time on your equipment, and a secondary specialization will add another 50 hours of seat time on another piece of equipment that is your choosing.

Fast-Paced Program

You can complete a heavy equipment operations program in under 4 weeks from your first course to graduation.

Careers requiring heavy equipment operator skills are in high demand and offer great pay!  Have you heard of the federal infrastructure bill passed in 2021 that allocates $1 trillion dollars toward our nation’s infrastructure?  That is major money that takes years in planning and development, all of which help you in the future with great new career opportunities.

To learn more about the Heavy Equipment Operator Programs at ASC Technical Institute, contact us today.

Heavy Equipment careers by the numbers

Build Your Future (BYF), an organization established by the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER), lists heavy equipment operator as one of the five crafts in highest demand, with a need for more than 600,000 heavy equipment operators across the United States through December 2022. The BYF website shows the demand for these workers by state, with Texas, Florida and California topping the chart.

Heavy Equipment Operators in High Demand | United Rentals


The construction industry’s global total revenue in 2020 according to Emergen research. Construction Market Report by Size, Share and Growth 2020-2028 (emergenresearch.com)