Truck Driving CDL Program

Take the wheel with a career as a truck driver

Delivery and tractor-trailer truck drivers are a key component of our economy, transporting goods and freight from one location to another and facilitating supply lines across the country. These days, with virtual storefronts and online shopping making it easier than ever for consumers to find what they’re looking for, the need for trained, certified truck drivers to move all of these goods is higher than ever. Whether you plan to drive for a company or set up as a self-employed owner-operator, the place to start is with qualified training from ASC Technical Institute.

Fast-Paced Program

Our Truck Driving CDL program takes just 5 weeks from your first course to graduation.

Focused Curriculum

Learn exactly the skills you need, including handling hazardous materials and proper paperwork and emergency response information.

Hands-On Training

Extensive, practical experience ensures students are trained in all phases of safely operating a truck and trailer.

Job-Ready Skills

Once you’ve completed the program, you’ll have earned your certification and be ready to start working as an entry-level operator.

To learn more about the Truck Driving CDL Program at ASC Technical Institute, contact us today.

Trucking careers by the numbers

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