Take the wheel with a career as a truck driver

Delivery and tractor-trailer truck drivers are a key component of our economy, transporting goods and freight from one location to another and facilitating supply lines across the country. These days, with virtual storefronts and online shopping making it easier than ever for consumers to find what they’re looking for, the need for trained, certified truck drivers to move all of these goods is higher than ever. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the heavy and tractor-trailer truck driving field is expected to have over 90,000 new jobs through 2031, and ASC Technical Institute is here to help ready you to take advantage of this growing industry.

Get the hands-on training you need to be able to earn your CDL license and safely operate as a commercial truck driver, either for a company or as an independent contractor. The trucking industry is what keeps our economy going, and you can be a vital part of it. You’ll learn how to drive, maneuver, and maintain trucks and trailers in a wide variety of conditions in order to transport vital goods from city to city across the country or within a localized area as a last-mile driver. During this 8-week course, we prioritize getting you hands-on experience in the driver’s seat, so that when it’s time for you to hit the road, you can do so with confidence and safety. 

What CDL truck drivers do 

At the most basic level, licensed truck drivers keep our economy afloat by transporting goods between locations, whether that’s within a city as a last-mile driver or across the country as a long-haul trucker. Truck drivers can either work as part of a company or as an independent contractor, with responsibilities that include: 

  • Handling and securing cargo, including hazardous materials 
  • Communicating with dispatchers and maintaining a log of working hours that comply with federal and state regulations 
  • Reporting any road incidents or serious mechanical problems 
  • Keeping your truck and equipment clean and functioning 
  • Filling out necessary paperwork and emergency response information 

Why you should choose ASC Technical Institute for your CDL truck driver career training 

We are dedicated to helping our students get the practical experience they need to be successful on the job. Here are a few things that set ASC Technical Institute apart: 

  • We keep our curriculum focused on exactly the skills you need to operate safely within the commercial trucking industry 
  • We prioritize extensive practical experience in the driver’s seat, ensuring our students are trained in all phases of how to safely operate a truck and trailer. 
  • Upon successful completion, you’ll have earned your certification and be fully ready to take all the necessary exams to obtain your CDL licensure and start working as an entry-level operator. 
  • You can complete your Truck Driving CDL Program in just 5 weeks, from first course to graduation. 

What you will learn in our Truck Driving CDL Program 

We’re not here to waste your time; we want to get you ready and on the job as soon as possible. Our focused curriculum includes courses like: 

  • CDL Comprehensive Training  
  • DOT/Log Record Keeping 
  • Hazardous Material Procedures 
  • Safety Procedures/Pre-Trip Cab 
  • Yard Skills 
  • Basic Control 
  • Work Environment English 

We close out the program with a job preparation course that teaches you how to find and explore job leads, prepare a resume and cover letter, interview and follow up on interviews, and become a valued employee and advance within your career field. 

To enroll or learn more about the Truck Driving CDL Program at ASC Technical Institute, contact us today.

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